The Basics

The world of numbers in hydrogen

Weight and volume of hydrogen

Hydrogen 1kg = 11200 litter = 11.2Nm³
Hydrogen 1000L = approx. 90g


What 1kg hydrogen could do

Cars could run 100km – 140 km. 1gallon (approx. 3.79 litters) of gasoline. When a fuel cell generates 15kWh (Estimated by 45% of generating efficiency), 15 of 360 litter of water turns 50.


What is required to make 1kg of hydrogen

9 litter of water, 55 – 60kWh of electricity


Efficiency of a fuel cell

Theoretical efficiency 83%. The world’s highest generating efficiency 63%
(Japan Gaishi SOFC 12th June 2009)


Efficiency of hydrogen production

Theoretical efficiency 33.6kWh could produce 1kg of hydrogen. The world’s highest efficiency level of the efficiency of hydrogen production. 43kWh could make 1kg of hydrogen.


1 litter of water

1245 litter of hydrogen could take from 1 litter of water. Theoretically, 1kg of water contains 3.6kWh of energy.



1kWh = 3.6MJ
litter =10cm×10cm×10cm 0.1m×0.1m×0.1m=0.001m3
1ltter of hydrogen = 10.8kJ

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