The Basics

Hydrogen is Renewable energy's best partner

Hydrogen is an energy carrier which converts renewable energy into a form which can be stored at a high density and used at different time as desired.

Currently, there are limited ways to carry electricity in long distance even though the electricity produced from renewable energy.  Either the electric companies buy out the electricity and run it through their long-distance transmission lines or the electricity is delivered  to the users if they pay for the usage of the long-distance transmission lines.

There is a limit for transmission lines of the capacity to run electricity derived from renewable energy since those  need to be balanced between user side (out put from transmission lines) and producer side (in put to transmission lines).  Solar and wind powers usually occurs wild ups and downs.  Geothermal power and small hydraulic power are more likely to be stranded at night time even though electric-generating capacity is stable.  It’s impossible to run all the electricity produced down transmission lines.

Therefore,  the idea that relying on only transmission lines to put electricity derived renewable energy into public circulation is not a good way to mass distribute natural energy.

While producing electricity from renewable energy is important, Japan’s use of electricity purposes is only 40%. The other 60 % is used for transportation fuels and heat. Thus, renewable energy for electricity alone only solves 40% and 60% of the fossil fuel problems remain.

Using renewable energy to generate and store hydrogen as a fuel  will be used for both transportation fuels and heat.

If people utilize  local renewable energy and produce electricity, hydrogen, heat  and  transportation fuels from the local natural resources using equipments invested by mainly the local people, they can share and circulate the profit  in the community.

Energy security in the community that support people’s lives is also beneficial as countermeasures against crisis or disaster.

Hydrogen which is made with local renewable energy for not only electricity but fuel and heat, circulate the money in the community, and create a healthy economic impact.

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