About us

The Renewable Hydrogen Network is a nonprofit organization that educates and advocates for the realization of a sustainable energy society based on a cycle of local renewable energy and hydrogen. Here is a sample of our activities.

1. Education and Awareness Campaigns

We cultivate social engagement by providing information on RH₂, in simple to understand terms, to the media and general citizens.

2. Research and Consulting

We support innovation by accumulating technical knowledge, and creating networks with companies and academic institutions working with RH₂. All profits made from business and partnerships made with for-profit companies and academic institutions are used to accelerate the energy shift movement.

3. Political Statements

We help expand the market for RH₂ by cooperating with citizen organizations, such as other NPOs and non-government organizations (NGO). Together, we advocate for increased research and development to improve RH₂ technology, and encourage politicians to pass laws to deregulate and subsidize RH₂.

To foster and accelerate a movement to realize a Renewable Hydrogen society, we need your support! Please share what you read and learned from this book with the people around you. Alternately, show your support through donations or volunteering your knowledge and skills with the Renewable Hydrogen Team. Check out our website for more information on how you can help (renew-en.rh2.org/need_support/).