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Renewable Hydrogen Network (RH₂ Network) is a global Non Profit Organization that educates and advocates for the development of Renewable Hydrogen, an energy carrier made from renewable electricity and water.
Fossil fuels are limited and available only in certain parts of the world is creating great stress on the environment and society. The technology to make Renewable Hydrogen from natural energy sources and water already exists today. It can be locally produced, is unlimited and keeps the water and air clean on Earth. The Worldwide anxiety caused by an energy security crisis can be solved when people globally take political action and create a new movement for change. Our role is to educate and advocate to as many people, corporations, organizations, and enterprises around the world to recognize the benefits of a Renewable Hydrogen Economy.
However, we can’t make this shift without your help. We need your support to allow our organization to spread this important information to as many as possible. Please share the information on this website. We are also looking to fund our activities including research, lobbying, and consulting. There are several ways you can join the Renewable Hydrogen team. Thank you very much for your valued support and cooperation.

Legal corporate name specified nonprofit corporation (Tokyo) Renewable Hydrogen Network
Executive Director Haruyoshi Ebara
Contact Email: contact@rh2.org
Address Midori.so 2
3-13-16 Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan 107-0062


Haruyoshi Ebara @chooneui

1986: established natural skin care company, KohGenDo Co., Ltd. with wife and actress in Japan, Ai Saotome. The skin care products grew to become a choice among actresses and actors.
2002: left the chair of KohGenDo Co., Ltd. CEO and moved to U.S.A. with his family where he learned of the increasing impact of climate change on earth. Later on in Hawaii he also learns there is a form of clean energy known as renewable hydrogen.
2006: establishes H₂ Technologies Inc. A Hawaii based research and developer for hydrogen generation.
2008: Moves back to Japan and establishes Greenz.jp with his fellow colleagues. Greenz.jp is an creative Internet media source in Japan dedicated in selecting innovative and socially good ideas around the world to promote a green and sustainable society.
2009: Establishes a grass-roots International non-profit organization, Renewable Hydrogen Network (RH₂ Network) based in Tokyo, Japan.

RH₂ Network is also supported by many people from various speciality areas of policy, law, science, and technology.

Mission Statement

The fossil fuel society: a threat to humanity

Intensifying climate change impacts and endless war and poverty; Will humans survive in a civilization as it is today? The underlying cause of the several problems we face come from our energy structured and based on Uranium, petroleum, and other fossil fuels.
The race for control of these valuable energy resources are won and given to a fraction of the entire population resulting in concentration of power. The world is under great stress. We stand in an important intersection.

Shift to Renewable Hydrogen: The future is now

We propose a “Renewable hydrogen society” as one of the most effective paths to accomplish an energy shift from the “fossil fuel society.” Renewable hydrogen is a sustainable energy based on hydrogen from unlimited renewable energy and water, which covers 70% of earth’s surface.
If a society runs on renewable hydrogen, a sustainable energy community where energy (electricity, fuel, heat) is locally generated, supplied, and consumed can be constructed wherever water is available.
A local sustainable source of energy poses the potential to decrease environmental damage, conflicts over resources, and the negative impacts of a centralized power society. People will finally reconnect with each other and empower the community once more.

Shifting to a cycle of love

A society filled with compassion is like parents filled with love for their children. The civilization we live in today is a world where “violence brings more violence.” The next civilization we are moving towards to is a world where “love brings more love.” This society is based on a cycle of love.
With the keywords of responsibility, compassion, and cooperation our team works as a non-profit organization under the mission to bring a renewable hydrogen society. Our objective is to pull the energy shift closer not by the leadership of a certain company or organization, but by giving each person a role in this change.
There is more to life than watching a negative end to the crisis we face today. It is possible to change a difficult problem into an opportunity to learn and a chance to relive it.
We work together and take action with all the words you have read so far in our hearts. Our doors are left open to all for the strongest characteristic of humanity, “Cooperation.”

25 February 2009. New Moon.
Non-profit Organization Renewable Hydrogen Network
Founder / Chairman
Chooneui Ham

Many people across diverse expertise and regions take action for a renewable hydrogen society.
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