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presented by Haruyoshi Ebara, the founder and chairman of International NPO Renewable Hydrogen Network (RH2 Network) established in 2009 to educate and create a movement towards an energy shift with an emphasis on renewable hydrogen.

Grid Free RH2 Machine grand debut
at Omotesando COMMUNE 246!

Don’t miss it! A grid free RH2 system is up and running at COMMUNE 246, a community space for the active dialogue on our future city. Solar panels power your PC while any surplus electricity is used for water electrolysis to make hydrogen and store energy. During the night, the energy stored in hydrogen form is released through a fuel cell. A simple off-grid energy system made from renewable energy and hydrogen in the heart of Tokyo!!
grid free RH2(Renewable hydrogen)

Renewable hydrogen (RH2) is not rocket science.

Renewable Hydrogen or RH2 is a sustainable form of energy from water and various types of renewable energy filling our surrounding environment.
Renewable energy cannot always promise a constant supply of energy. Some days electricity is generated more then used and other days there is not enough. This is where hydrogen enters the renewable energy equation as an energy storage method to maximize the usage and potential of renewable energy. 

The basic steps of RH2: MAKE it, STORE it, and USE it
1. On the days when electricity is generated more then used, this surplus electricity will be stored at your convenience. Water (H20) is split into hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O) by a process called electrolysis.
The basic concept of electrolysis is middle school chemistry. It is simply put, a electrical current passing through an element to separate it into smaller parts.
2. The separated hydrogen is stored which can be done in many ways : In pressurized tanks as gas, as liquid, or absorbed into metal. The amount stored is scalable and its life span is longer compared to conventional batteries. Hydrogen is a diverse energy carrier.
3. It generates electricity, heat, and run cars when combined back with oxygen only releasing the by-products of heat and water.

CYCLE of Renewable hydrogen
Water, oxygen, and hydrogen creates an endless cycle of energy. There are no toxic by-products and the air and water are left clean. Centralization of power and money is released for the common good. The endless cycle of energy does not create war or poverty and brings all life closer together.

Renewable hydrogen projects are springing up across the world.
Take a look into the Case studies page and see the energy shift in action.

Voices from Global RH2 Advocates

Renewable hydrogen is the ultimate system for humanity

Prof. Patrick K. Takahashi

Director Emeritus of Hawaii Natural Energy Institute at the University of Hawaii.
The ideal energy to end the use of carbon based fuel

Henk Rogers

Visionary philanthropist and entrepreneur, holds IPR to Tetris.
The key to our future is with renewable hydrogen

Tomoyo Nonaka

NPO Gaia Initiative chief director
Renewable hydrogen is the real green energy

Hiroyuki Nakano

Movie director

Many people across diverse expertise and regions take action for a renewable hydrogen society.
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